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Back from the break and The Hardys are in the ring. Jeff Hardy talks about last night’s 30-minute Iron Man Match loss and says the other teams are thinking they should probably classify themselves as “obsolete.” This gets a “delete!” chant going. Matt Hardy takes the mic yet, makes a few “Broken” references and says they have only begun to make magic in the WWE Universe. The music interrupts and out comes Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

Anderson and Gallows rip on The Hardys and suggest they get out of the ring and practice their magic elsewhere. Gallows says they are Magic Killers and the ring belongs to them. Matt says neither of them are 100%, they’re a little stitched up and bruised, and a little “broken” but if Gallows and Anderson thinks the ring belongs to them, they can fight and determine that right now. Gallows and Anderson head to the ring as the referee calls for the bell.

The Hardys vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Matt starts off with Anderson. Matt takes control and drops Anderson out of the corner with a shoulder. Jeff tags in for a bit of double teaming and a double back suplex. Gallows runs in but they double team him as well. Jeff nails Poetry In Motion, sending Gallows to the floor for a breather. Gallows and Anderson regroup as The Hardys stand tall in the ring. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Gallows and Anderson have turned things around. Gallows works over Jeff. Anderson tags in and they hit a Boot of Doom for a 2 count as Matt breaks the pin. Jeff with a jawbreaker to Anderson. Matt gets the hot tag and unloads on Anderson as the “delete!” chants continue.

Matt slams Anderson’s face into the turnbuckles over and over for a pop. Matt with a clothesline in the corner. Anderson blocks the running bulldog. Matt nails the Side Effect and decks Gallows on the apron. Matt goes tot he second rope and drops an elbow on Anderson. Matt waits for the Twist of Fate but it’s blocked. Anderson counters and Gallows kicks Matt in the back of the head while the referee isn’t looking. Anderson follows up with a knee. They hit a Magic Killer and Gallows covers for the pin as Jeff jumps to break it up but is too late.

Winners: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

– After the match, Gallows and Anderson stand tall on the ramp as The Revival’s music hits and out they come. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder rush the ring and attack The Hardys. They take out Matt and hit a Shatter Machine on Jeff. The Revival stands tall as their music hits.


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