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Enzo gets a Toronto pop for mentioning Drake and gives props to Big Show for the knockout punch he delivered to Cass last week. Show believes Cass’ jaw is suffering. Show goes on about respect until the music interrupts and out comes Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Anderson and Gallows knock Show for celebrating without winning anything. They offer to wrestle Show and Enzo if they want a challenge. Show and Enzo can brag about joining the long list of teams around the world that has lost to The Good Brothers, and they can brag about taking out another team of… nerds. Enzo cracks jokes and compares them to Dr. Evil and Mini Me. Enzo calls for a referee and we’ve got a match.

Enzo Amore and Big Show vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

The bell rings and Show shoves Anderson off as he attacks, then sends Gallows to the mat. They retreat to the ramp and look to be leaving as fans boo. They regroup and come back to ringside as Show waits in the ring. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Enzo is down. Gallows turns him inside out with a big clothesline for a 2 count. Anderson tags in and unloads for another pin attempt. Anderson keeps Enzo down by his arm now. Enzo finally looks to have an opening but Gallows comes in and knocks him down. Gallows keeps control until we see Big Cass come walking out to the stage as some fans boo.

Show turns around from the distraction and Gallows boots him off the apron. Anderson tags in but Enzo fights off a Magic Killer. They manage to rebound as Anderson nails a big kick to the face for the win.

Winners: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

– After the match, Gallows and Anderson leave as Cass approaches the ring. Show stands up on the floor but Cass nails a big boot. Cass mounts Show and unloads on him. Enzo launches himself out of the ring and attacks Cass. Cass turns it around and sends Enzo into the barrier. Cass goes in the ring with Enzo but Enzo stumbles out to the floor. Cass follows and stalks him. Show gets up and nails a knockout punch to Cass out of nowhere. Cass goes down on the floor. Show chants “how you doin?!” to Cass as his music hits. We go to replays. Show and Enzo stand tall on the stage as Cass struggles to get up at ringside. Cass gets up as a referee assists him.


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